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OnlIne Shop

OnlIne Shop

HVC7 Five Band


HV7A Multi-Band Mobile Antenna


Diamond® HV7A is a mobile antenna system with 5 band capability: 70cm, 2m, 6m, and 2 HF bands. Ideal for users of Icom IC706, IC7000 series and Yaesu FT100, FT857D radios. Addition of MX62M duplexer couples HF/VHF outputs to single coaxial connection. Unlike other multi-band antennas, the HV7A has no moving of connections, switches, jumpers, etc. Fold-over hinge allows for easy access into low over-head buildings.


Special Features:

• Optional Loading Coils available: 40m, 20m,17m,15m

• No moving of connections, switches or jumpers

• Fold-over hinge


Bands: 10m/6m/2m/70cm

Gain dBi: 2.15 (10m/6m/2m); 5.5 (70cm)

Watts: HF 120W, VHF 200W

Height: 50"

Connector: UHF

Element Phasing: 1/4l-10/6; 1/2l-2m;2-5/8l-70cm


Remarks: Not recommended for use with magnet mounts. Grounding required.

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