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OnlIne Shop

OnlIne Shop

D130NJ Wide-Band Discone


D130NJ Super Discone Antenna

The D130J Super Discone Antenna is an ultra-wideband antenna covering amateur radio, commercial 2-way, cellular, air traffic control and various utility frequency bands. Rust-free stainless steel is employed in major component parts making the antenna rust resistand and durable.

Special Features:

• Ultra-wideband design 25 to 1300 MHz receive, 50-1300 MHz transmit (6m tunable for transmit)

• Compact and lightweight design enables antenna to be installed on balcony railing at an apartment or condominium

• Ideal for 2m, 1-1/4m, 70cm, 33cm and 23cm amateur bands

• Excellent "shop" antenna for testing various transmitters on a single coax

• Can be made further compact and lightweight by removing the top loading coil if 25-50 MHz reception is not required


Bands: 25-1300 MHz

Gain dBi: 2 (nominal)

Max Power Rating: 144 MHz up: 200 watts

6m: 20 watts FM, 50 watts PEP

Height: 5.6'

Connector: Type-N

Element Phasing: Wideband Discone

Remarks: Adjustable 50-54 MHz

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