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OnlIne Shop

OnlIne Shop

Hustler RM80S


Hustler resonators are designed for use with our 54-inch mast, models MO-1, MO-2, MO-3 and our 22” MO-

4 mast. Under the clutch nut is a barrel shaped clutch sleeve. The nut and sleeve work together to hold the

rod. If you find it necessary to remove the clutch nut use caution, as the clutch sleeve will fall out and is

easily lost. To assemble your resonator loosen the clutch nut and slide the rod 4 inches into the receptacle

tube. Tighten the clutch nut to secure whip and screw the resonator onto the mast. Using a good quality

V.S.W.R meter check the resonate frequency. If it is too low, loosen the clutch nut and push the tip rod into

the tube in ¼ inch increments until the desired frequency is reached. To lower the resonate frequency extend

the rod in ¼ inch increments.

If it becomes necessary to trim the rod use a file to score the rod at the cut point. Always trim the rod at

least 4” (10.16 cm) longer than the given lengths to insure it is not cut too short. Also note when using a

resonator mounted on a MO-4 22” (55.88 cm) mast the required exposed tip rod length will be approximately

1” (2.54 cm) longer.

Wear safety glasses or other adequate eye protection, place the rod on a table or similar sharp edge and

use a hammer to snap off the excess rod. Use a file to deburr the rough end.

There are several accessories available for you Hustler HF mobile system.


Multi-band adapter: accepts 3 resonators for multi-band use.


Spring: mounts between resonator and mast.


Quick Disonnect: recommend for easy removal of you mast.



One Newtronics Place

Mineral Wells, Tx 76067

Part no. 9403

Kit no. 5515

RM Series 110703



New-tronics Ltd. Warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship and extends this warranty

under intended use and normal service conditions to the original owner for a period of one year from the date of

purchase.This warranty does not apply to products that has been repaired or altered in any manner and is void for any

damage due to accident, neglect, unreasonable use, improper installation or any other cause not arising out of defects in

material or workmanship.The obligations of New-tronics Ltd. are limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any product

or part that is returned to the factory, all transportation charges prepaid, accompanied by proof of purchase and which

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nor is any person authorized to assume for it, any obligation other than that herein stated.Any implied warranties,

including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration for the above one-year period. New-

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consequential loss or damage incurred by the purchaser.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied

warranties or consequential damages and so the above exclusions of limitations may not apply. This warranty gives you

special legal rights and you many have other rights that vary from state to state.

Standard Tip Rod Bandwidth


Length (2:1 SWR or Better)

RM-10 12 5/8

150-250 KHz

RM-11 12 5/8

150-250 KHz

RM-12 18

7/16 100-150 KHz

RM-15 12 5/8

100-150 KHz

RM-17 23 1/4

80-100 KHz

RM-20 18

7/16 80-100 KHz

RM-30 18

7/16 50-60 KHz

RM-35 40 1/8

50-60 KHz

RM-40 32 1/8

40-50 KHz

RM-50 40 1/8

40-50 KHz

RM-60 40 1/8

40-50 KHz

RM-75 32 1/8

25-30 KHz

RM-80 40 1/8

25-30 KHz

Super Tip Rod Bandwidth


Length (2:1 SWR or Better)

RM-10S 12

13/16 250-400 KHz

RM-11S 18 5/8

250-400 KHz

RM-15S 16

5/16 150-200 KHz

RM-20S 18 5/8

100-150 KHz

RM-40S 32

5/16 50-80 KHz

RM-75S 32

5/16 50-60 KHz

RM-80S 40

5/16 50-60 KHz


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