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Comet LD-5M Trunk Mount w/Coax for Antennas


Brand new Comet LD-5M mobile mount with coax. Designed for antennas with a SO-239 base mount, also known as a "PO" or "M" Mount.

The LD-5M will fit in many locations where the larger lip mounts will not:

Have limited space to attach a lip mount

Have a curved edge that will not accept a wide lip mount

Or, if you have the space but simply:

Want to keep a minimum profile

Are using a small antenna

The LD-5M universal lip mount is the perfect answer!

It has a very small foot print (1.25″ x 1.00″;) to fit in tight or limited space installations.

The mount is adjustable in 2-planes so it rotates to compensate for the trunk angle or to set the antenna vertical even on vertical doors like rear truck doors, van, SUV doors, etc…

Quality appearance and quality materials: 16’9″ low loss deluxe coax cable assembly, the first 18″ being mini RG-174A/U type coax (1/8″ diameter) to get through the weather seal without damaging the coax, causing wind noise or creating water leaks. The balance of the coax is low loss, 24k gold plated SO-239 and PL-259 connectors. The PL-259 connector disassembles for easier routing through small holes, under the carpet, etc…or to shorten the coax length.

Rain cap included. Soft rubber pad protects the vehicle paint, two large set screws hold the mount securely to the trunk, hood or hatch door.

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