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Austin 500C Commercial 150/450


The 500C Series:

The most popular mobile design in the communications business, the 500C execution is on its way to becoming an Engineering Classic. A unique patented design [Patent #4,940,989] utilizes state of the art resonant cavity techniques to achieve high performance VHF/UHF dual band operation. Low angle 1/4 wave VHF radiation against the vehicle as a ground plane is accomplished by its offset elevated feedpoint. The same elevated feedpoint provides a perfect simultaneous match for the ground independent UHF 1/2 wave radiator. High efficiency in a compact 18" high antenna makes the 500C an unbeatable concept.

The 500C is produced in a wide range of frequency splits. The standard mounting configuration is the low profile 3/4" hole or magnet [Motorola/NMO type] and will handle 160 watts ICAS

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